7Red Casino: Save Up To 250 Euro Bonus On Fridays

It is always advisable to take a look at the bonus offers for existing players in an online casino. Such offers can often secure a lot of additional money, which can then be used to play. Particularly hot it goes in the 7Red Casino to, where with the blue hour on Fridays full 250 euro as bonus are possible.

To the 7Red Casino

h230 per cent on the deposit

Each player in the 7Red Casino href=”https://www.online-casino-gambling-poker.com/7red/”7Red Casino can participate in the action, without having to accomplish for this an additional registration. The offer runs every Friday under the name “Blue Hour”, even if it is two hours in detail. Always from 17 to 19 o’clock the deposit can be accomplished, for which the casino offers a 30 per cent bonus.

The transaction within this period is to be recommended thus definitely, because 30 per cent bonus are not to be despised. Especially not because up to 250 Euro can be secured with this deposit.

Now play at 7Red!