Anyoption Advertises In September With Tickets For The Ascot Horse Race In Great Britain

Customers who are interested in online trading are paying more and more attention to new customer offers or special broker promotions. At anyoption it is now possible for traders to take the chance and use 2 tickets for the Ascot Horse Race in Great Britain. Not only tickets, but beyond that also flights as well as a special luxuri?es hotel are component of the offer of anyoption for its Trader. The offer can be used in October 2016 if it is won by the trader. So there is still time to plan the trip in October 2016.

What is the Royal Ascot Horse Race and when will it take place?

The legendary Royal Ascot Horse Race will take place in Ascot in October 2016 and the patron of the event is the Royal House of England. The horse race has been taking place since 1711 and has a long tradition. Already under King George it was held and in the past years it was always held in Ascot except for 2005. One of the highlights with the Royal Ascot Horse Race is the visit of the Queen Elisabeth II. which takes place on its own honorary tribune.

Online Broker like anyoption as sponsor of sport events

Numerous on-line brokers, like for example anyoption, in addition, IQ option or 24 option are active in the Sponsoring of sport Events. Not only individual events, but even football teams and other sports are sponsored by online brokers. Through their presence in sports, many brokers seem to hope to reach a new target group. The sponsors can be seen on jerseys, in TV commercials and on perimeter advertisements. At the same time, press releases are published reporting on the cooperation of sports clubs with online brokers.

Regulated trading with anyoption – which trading forms does the broker offer?

With anyoption there is the possibility that trading can take place in a regulated environment. The Online Broker is based in Cyprus and is regulated by due CySEC. A big advantage of this broker is that he offers a maximum return of 81%, which is extraordinary much, but also varies with the type of option. It should be noted that traders can use up to 25% Refund for security.

Binary options such as Binary 0 to 100 or Option Plus and the One Touch Option are just a few examples of binary options that can be used with anyoption. The online broker based in Cyprus can use more than 140 different currency pairs as underlying assets. Equities and commodities can also be used to trade binary options. One of the unique option forms is due bubbles option, which was launched by anyoption a few months ago and is particularly easy to use. With anyoption, trading can be used not only on the PC, but also, for example, via your own app via smartphone or tablet.

It should be noted that trading in binary options is always subject to risk. Traders can influence this risk by making their options more or less risky. The bottom line is that it is important to consciously take a risk.