How to determine the payout percentage of an online casino. The most effective way to determine the best payout online casino to play requires some research.

There’s not just any ready-made answer. The basis to determine whether a casino is worthless or great at paying out your winnings is to first look at the so-called payout rates of online slots.

The value of slots payout percentage

As you may have noticed above, we’re no longer talking about the best paying online casino itself, but about the best casinos. The success of winning an evening of online gambling depends on choosing the right slot machine.

Haphazardly playing a slot machine without knowing what the payout percentage is total waste of money. For more winnings, stop gambling online without any prior knowledge.

Make a disaster a virtue and make sure you end your session with more winnings each time. That’s actually the only casino strategy you should use if you want to take a gamble.

Myth: 1 There is no such thing as a best paying online casino.

What is the so-called payout percentage?

The gambling payout percentage is also called Return to Player (RTP). The higher this percentage is, the more lucrative it is for you as a player to play the slot machine in question. If you play a slot machine in the Holland Casino the percentage is at least 80%.

That’s not high, so if you want to go home early with a winnings, don’t waste it on a slot at Holland Casino. Of course, the experience in a real casino is different. In short, if you go out for a nice night out, these percentages are negligible and may not matter that much.

What is a good payout percentage?

On average, slots within an online casino have a better payout percentage than that of a “Holland Casino”. On average, online slots payouts are around 96.5%. But there are even slots available with rates ranging from 98 to as high as 99%, big differences as you can see,

So, if you do some preliminary work by finding a slot machine with such payout rates, you could potentially make more money.

Why are online payout rates higher?

They are higher for the simple reason that online casinos cost less. Costs for staff, rent, energy, security, and rent, for example, are lower than a land-based casino. And that’s a big advantage.

In addition, a large proportion of online casinos will return this benefit to players in the form of a casino bonus. So that includes (much) higher payout rates.

So what you “don’t” have to do is play in a land-based casino. If you don’t want to be a thief of your own wallet. This is what you need to do if you want to experience the atmosphere of a real casino. More often you play profitably in an internet casino.

Disclaimer: You don’t always win because of a high payout percentage
Many people will now think that you always win by choosing a slot machine with a high payout percentage. A stupid and crucial mistake, unfortunately.

Don’t forget that a payout percentage is calculated over hundreds of thousands to millions of individual spins of a slot machine.

So it can just happen that you win €1000 one day with a £100 bankroll and lose €250 the following week. Slot payouts always show a variance.

That’s why it sometimes seems that on some days you can’t lose, and all that turns into gold. While the next day, the same slot machine looks like a bottomless pit. In short, the higher the variation of a slot machine, the higher the risk of loss.

Two different slot machine variations: An overview

Low variance slots: These are slots that give a lot of small prizes, and sometimes a medium payout.
High variance slots: These are slots that give out few small and medium prizes, and occasionally a very large payout.
Anyway, the payout percentages are crucial in determining a slot machine player’s choice. In general, there is only one lesson that we can teach you: The higher the better, regardless of the variance.

The slots with the highest payout rates

If you want slot machines with a high payout percentage, we can be of help. Our own research has shown that the best paying slot machines are made by NetEnt and Thunderkick. These developers have released a large number of slot machines with payout rates ranging from 97% to 99% percent.

Our very best tip for high payout slot machines

The best tip we can give you in your search for a gaming device with high payout rates are: Pronto casino, Unique casino or Spinia once. These are extremely reliable online casinos.


As soon as you click on a slot machine you’ll see the payout percentage in the lower right corner of the screen in an easy and convenient way. So if you want to keep looking for the best paying online casino, then you should look for a game in a haystack. But we’re not stopping you.