Bingo is, of all the games you can play in an online casino, the simplest and easiest to remember in terms of rules. There are no handy tips or complicated combinations to remember. All you need to do is understand the basic rules and play online to your heart’s content.

Did you know that the game was originally derived from the game of lotto, which has been played in Italy since the mid 1500s. The name originates from the fact that the numbers used to be covered with beans. The Italians gave it the name beano, and it wasn’t until around 1920 that it got the name bingo in America.

Bingo variants

You can play bingo in different variations. But the official bingo rules are the same in every variant. If you play bingo you need to get the right pattern on your bingo card before someone else does.

A correct pattern on your card is obtained by a bingo caller, this is the person who announces the numbers. Then you check if these numbers appear on your card. If the number appears on your card, it will be marked by a marker. And if your pattern is complete then you have bingo.

Bingo card

The standard card has twenty-five spots in a grid of 5 by 5. Of these spots there are also columns, the columns are the letters B, I, N, G and O. Each column contains a variety of different numbers.

For example, in the first column, the B column, you will always see only numbers ranging from one to fifteen. In the second, with the letter I, you will always see only the numbers sixteen to thirty. This continues, N contains numbers thirty-one to forty-five plus a free space, G contains numbers forty-six to sixty and the last column, O, contains numbers sixty-one to seventy-five.

The numbers, depending on where you’re playing, are continuously rotated and drawn by the caller. As the numbers are called, simply mark the appropriate areas of your map. According to the rules, the current game ends when someone calls bingo.

Bingo Lines

Bingo rules are very simple, they are not difficult to learn and remember. There may be different patterns you need to maintain on your card. For example, you can have an “any line” game. This means that you can win with any line, diagonal, vertical or horizontal.

In addition, you can also have a game in which a specific line needs to be created. One can say for this game only diagonal lines or even choose horizontal or vertical.

Other patterns can also be chosen, such as the four corners, blackout, an “x” and even more complex patterns. In general, the more complex a pattern is, the more you can win if you have bingo.

Although these are the general bingo game rules, bingo online can differ at different gambling sites where you play. It is important to at least learn these bingo rules as well, in order to make your playing time more enjoyable.