The rules of blackjack is a game that many seasoned casino players are familiar with. If you know the rules thoroughly, and if you know how to make the right game at the right time, you can dramatically reduce the edge of the house and significantly increase your chances of winning.

The rules of blackjack are simple. Blackjack cards held in the hand are played with one or two 52 card games. In addition, there are games that are played with a handshake, in which there are between four and six card games.

If you’re playing for twenty-one now in an online casino or a real casino. That doesn’t matter in terms of table differences. There are tables where there is room for seven people. In addition, there are tables where only five or six players can sit.

Twenty-one is how you may also know the game. This card game can be played with a full table, but only one player is needed to take it against the dealer. In that respect, blackjack rules do not differ much from those of a land based casino.

Everyone at the table is dealt two cards, including the dealer. The goal is to beat the dealer by collecting a higher hand total without going over 21. Your hand total is the sum of your different cards. Numbered cards have the number values. Honors are worth ten, and an ace can be worth one or eleven depending on the hand.

If you are dealt a natural hand or two cards worth 21, you will be paid 3 to 2 on your initial bet. After players have reviewed the value of their hands, they must decide whether to continue playing or not, double, split, vomit or insure.

Continue playing

After you’ve decided you want to continue playing. Then you will receive an extra card that will be added to your hand value.


If you decide to stop playing. Then you won’t get any extra cards, and your hand value remains the same.


On the other hand, you can split again. This happens when you get a pair split. Assuming your first two cards are a pair, you can split your existing hand into two separate hands.

Each hand will be accompanied by a bet equal to your original bet. (Tip: Never split 10-and, 4-and or 5-and. Always split 8-and aces.).


Doubling means you’re doubling your bet. In this situation you indicate that you double and you only get one extra card.


Some casinos allow players to surrender their hands. If you think you got a bad hand, you can limit your losses by giving up half of your original bet and surrendering.


Through an insurance bet that you can buy. Which you make if you think the dealer’s got a natural hand. If the dealer’s open card is an ace, you’ll be offered insurance before any further play.

(Tip: It’s a good idea to avoid insurance bets because the odds of the dealer getting a natural hand are small.)

Winning Blackjack

Therefore, the key what makes you a successful twenty-one player is the following. Everything depends on the action you take and when. With twenty-one, the dealer has no strategy. The dealer simply follows the house rules.

Players have choices and the decision each player makes depends on what cards they have and the value of the dealer’s visible card.

Experienced twenty-one players must use the so-called basic strategy. Basic strategy is a set of rules that you can play according to and that are mathematically proven to increase your chances of winning.

Basic strategy is a method that has been tested over time. If you want to play twenty-one seriously, invest in a basic strategy chart and make sure you know all the blackjack rules. By the way, the strategy charts are widely spread over the internet. But for your convenience, we’ve looked up a blackjack chart for you. Take advantage of it.