Five casino bonuses for extra playing time. If you want to take extra advantage of your casino visit, then you should take advantage of a casino bonus. In popular parlance, this is also called a kind of welcome gift.

Welcome casino bonuses

This casino bonus actually knows everyone. The vast majority of online casinos make the welcome bonus available when you deposit real money for the first time. For example, if you want to deposit the minimum amount of, say, £25, then in many cases you can get a 100% bonus up to a maximum of £50. So deposit $25 and you’ll get $50 from the casino.

But that doesn’t mean that you’ve made €50 winnings. There are certain bonus terms and conditions at all online casinos. It’s often the case that you’ll need to have played around the bonus amount a number of times before you’ll get cashed out.

Usually there is a fairly easy calculation for this, for example 30 times the bonus amount wagered before you can make a payout. These conditions vary from casino to casino, of course. So always read the bonus terms and conditions.

Highroller casino bonus

The word high roller actually betrays it. This is a bonus that hasn’t been put away for everyone. But do you have much to spend? Then you can take advantage of one of the highest casino bonuses a gambling site has available. Namely the high roller bonus. This bonus is popularly referred to as a VIP bonus.

These are casino bonuses for players who often play with a big wallet. So if you have one. Then prepare yourself because casinos do everything they can to pamper you. They literally pull out all the stops.

After all, if you have so much money to spend and spend, you obviously get extra privileges. Think for example of deposit casino bonuses from €1000 to sometimes as much as €10,000. This last amount may be exceptional but it happens.

Luxury prizes as Highroller

You can also be offered luxury cruises. Also, getting free money to try out a new video slot is not strange at all. It’s not about dick money.

A casino bonus in the form of luxury giveaway items such as the latest gadgets, such as an iPhone, are also part of such a bonus.

In short, if you like to play a lot and for large sums of money. Then a high roller bonus can be a godsend. Please note that not every gaming house offers all these advantages. If they offer them you can usually find them on the “promotion and/or VIP” page of the site.

Cashback bonus

There are also online casinos that offer special bonuses such as the cashback bonuses, this casino bonus works as follows: for example, if you decide to deposit €50 at an online casino and you take advantage of a 50% cashback bonus. Then if you lose that €50 you will get €25 back into your real casino account.

Quite a bit of bankroll management, isn’t it? There are a lot of players who especially hunt for these bonuses. But there are often certain strict conditions. So always make sure you read the bonus conditions carefully. This way you avoid disappointment.

Tell a friend bonus

Assuming you have a lot of friends, and if they report to the casino through you. Then you’ll also get a nice bonus. Most casinos have the “tell a friend” button in their casino. In short, if your friends start playing at the casino, then you will also get a nice casino bonus to play with. Such bonuses can range from €25 to up to €100.

So if you have a large number of friends and they sign up through you, you’ll see that the bonus amount can be quite large. In conclusion, if you’re smart, you can do this at several online casinos. This way you can get a nice amount of money together and eventually use it on your favorite gaming table or online slot machine.

No deposit casino bonus

You can gamble for free on the internet with a no deposit bonus. Many online casinos make use of it, a way of playing for free with a free casino bonus at your first registration. In short, if you like to see what the games at the casino of your choice look like. Or if you just want to have a free chance to win a big prize.

Then make sure you take advantage of a no deposit bonus. Moreover, by playing this way you can simulate how it would go if you would play with your own money. If you’re really going to play, you’ll of course have a chance of winning a huge progressive jackpot.

A bonus for every kind of player

Having said that, there are also online casino bonuses that fall under loyalty bonuses such as, online casino free spins, cashback, highroller bonuses, and also very exclusive vip bonuses.

Players from all over the world take advantage of them. An online casino bonus, and it’s not for nothing, using an online casino bonus gives you an extra advantage.

What is bonus advantage actually

In the first place, this will often translate into an extra amount of money on your first deposit. So also an extra amount of money on a second or even third deposit is possible. In the second place you will also get free spins but also a free money bonus is definitely possible.

There is something for everyone as you read, take advantage of an online casino bonus today and take extra advantage. On the other hand, we can’t say it often enough, remember that every casino bonus terms and conditions apply. We recommend that you always read these carefully to avoid disappointment.

Try gambling on the internet for free

Did you know that you can try any online casino for free. This is called “free play” if you like to see if the casino has something for you. Moreover, it allows you to see how it would work out for you in the real game.

Nowadays the free game also gives you a realistic picture of what the outcome would be like if you played with real money. All these casino bonuses are inseparable great ways to use an online gambling site. Take advantage of them, and good luck.