Comdirect: Subscribe To Global Healthcare Fund

J.P. Morgen Global Healthcare Fund is very popular with traders from comdirect Bank. Attractive investments with good conditions until 31 August 2019.

As a client of comdirect Bank, you can currently subscribe to J.P. Morgan’s Global Healthcare Fund at particularly attractive conditions. This is a fund that specialises in investing in the healthcare sector. Until 31 August 2019, comdirect Bank customers can invest in this fund without having to pay any fees in the form of an issue surcharge.

Whoever is interested in the Global Healthcare Fund will find it under the abbreviation WKN A0RPE0. In the area of funds, comdirect Bank is classically very well positioned and is characterised by the fact that it can be perceived very easily in any case and

Opportunities and risks of the J.P. Morgan Fund

Who decides in favour of the Global Healthcare Fund from J.P. Morgen will find out that this fund is divided into different shares. The fact is that numerous global investments in equities belong to the fund. The companies in which the fund invests belong to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors, as well as medical technology and healthcare services. The fund is rated 4 stars in the Morningstar rating. Traders have the opportunity to subscribe to the fund until August 31, 2019 without an issue premium.

This is an active fund, which is designed by 9 experts from the field of health management. These experts have all together more than 188 years at professional experience. It should be noted that these experts know exactly how the pharmaceutical and medical market works. It is possible to invest in companies that are already established on the market and, of course, in companies that are just being developed and are building up. The fund was launched on 2 October 2009 and currently has a volume of 2,512 million US dollars .It is a so-called reinvestment fund. The opportunities offered by this investment lie in the fact that the healthcare sector in particular is very much in demand and that many companies are well positioned in this sector.

Companies that offer services in this area can also help to ensure that the fund is well positioned. However, it should also be noted that losses can also be realised. The shares within the range health can rise, in addition, just as well clearly in their value to fall. To note is that this fund concentrates on a certain range of the industry and thus naturally also high fluctuations are possible, should it the entire industry worse go. Funds with a broader base could offer better stability here.

comdirect Bank offers the J.P. Morgan Global Healthcare Fund. Anyone who decides in favour of this fund from J.P. Morgan will notice that very good returns can be achieved here. The chart performance since 2009 also shows that the fund has predominantly performed well. It should also be noted that there is, of course, the option of investing money once or making a savings plan out of it.

The savings plan has the great advantage that you can invest money here regularly. Savings plans on funds can be concluded with comdirect Bank for various products. This is because comdirect Bank can always subscribe to a large number of funds. A total of over 10,000 different funds are available for selection. The savings plan underwriting the Global Healthcare Fund can be paid on a monthly basis or on a multi-month basis. This means, for example, that each month you invest a sum of 50 euros in the fund and acquire shares in it.

Prerequisites for the fund offer at comdirect Bank

If you decide to trade funds at comdirect Bank, you should know that there are various prerequisites that have to be met in order to do so. The selection of funds is very large, which is due to the fact that comdirect Bank is one of the leading online brokers in Germany. This makes it possible for a very large range of funds to be available here. So that the funds can be subscribed in the apron an on-line depot must be opened with the comdirect bank.

The on-line depot makes then possible the trade over Internet of shares, funds and of other on-line products. To mention is with the fact that the comdirect bank makes even its own App available, with which one can participate in the trade. The selection of trading products is very large and it is possible that not only funds but also ETFs can be subscribed. Basically, it should be mentioned that the deposit with comdirect Bank becomes particularly attractive if you decide to manage it online and open a free current account with the broker at the same time. A free current account can easily be opened in parallel. Those who offer both products can benefit from the fact that they do not have to pay any fees , as this is currently offered by the comdirect bank.

The customers of comdirect Bank can be pleased that they are regularly offered attractive investments. That means that it is possible that for example very regularly bonds on different shares can be subscribed. Straight the Protect loans in such a way specified are popular, because here only a barrier must be reached, before one gets booked instead of its capital together with interest shares into its depot.