If you want to gamble online for real money, the first thing you have to do is deposit money. This sounds very logical of course and it is. And then you would like to know which casino payment options you can use. Every day we try to include a new casino payment method in our database.

This way you will always be up to date with the latest means to use when you want to gamble online. Make sure you stay up to date, winning real money in an online casino is only possible if you play with real money. Exceptions aside, because it is certainly possible to actually win prizes without a real money deposit.

Paying out money without a deposit is possible?

For example by using a bonus without depositing or free spins without depositing. In short, the possibility of actually winning a big prize with one of these casino bonuses is relatively small.

On top of that, there are often certain bonus conditions attached to these types of free casino bonuses. For example, there are certain bonus conditions that make it impossible for you to cash out any prizes you have won. You can also read more about these wagering requirements in our casino bonus guide. We now move on to the essence of this article “depositing money in a casino”.

Online casino winnings payout

A profit can be paid out in different ways. Not unimportantly. Because everyone goes for the winnings when they play in an online gambling house. The most common method of paying out casino winnings is by bank transfer, which is usually processed between 5 or 10 business days.

Therefore, the money paid out will actually be visible on your account. This does not mean that it will always take that long. Sometimes it can be much quicker but, if you take the above into account, it may always be a good idea to start sooner.

Moneybookers, Neteller, Skrill or Paypal are also fast and safe casino payment methods after which you can transfer the money. Then you can use the money in another online casino. In short, there are plenty of ways to cash-out winnings but also to deposit money.

What online casino payment methods are there?

First of all, we can tell you that there are a lot of casino payment methods. By way of illustration, we currently have over a hundred different casino payment methods in our database.

In addition, we have more than sixty online casino payment methods listed on our website. Nevertheless, we are going to explain some important ones.


A payment method that allows you to make online payments with the Abaqoos voucher without the need for a credit or debit card. In short, safe and reliable online money depositing and free without fees.


The payment method Agmo is a fast, effective and secure payment method that mainly serves customers from the Czech Republic for online deposits into online casino accounts. Gamblers wishing to use this service must be connected to the following banks. Raiffeissen bank, Komercni bank, GE Money bank and the Volksbank.


A very mature online wallet service that even has a mobile app. This is available through the Apple store and Android store.

Alpha bank

Residents of Russia can use Alfa Bank to make deposits at an online casino. Alfa-Bank is one of the largest banks in Russia, headquartered in Moscow. Alfa-bank is part of the ABH holding company and belongs to the Alfa Group.

AstroPay Card

This online payment wallet is mainly used by Spanish users. It is a well known wallet that is used by many people worldwide to make payments in online shops.

This means of payment is accepted by hundreds of shops. It is also an easy and fast means of payment to make a real money deposit in an online casino.

Bank transfer

The bank transfer, which is also better known as “Wire Transfer” in the foreign country. This payment makes it possible to make payments quickly. But since the further digitalization, this can also be done online.

The acceptance giro will stay completely in due course. Paying by bank transfer gives casino customers the speed, ease of payment and space to pay where and when you want.


Bancontact is a payment method that allows gamblers to make a deposit at a casino through their own familiar banking environment. Quick, easy and safe. It is very popular payment method.


Banklink is after all the safest and most advanced online payment method for online shopping. But that is also certainly true as a casino payment method.

It is a fast and reliable means of payment. Make payments safely from your own banking environment.


Using bitcoins as a payment method. Bitcoins have become an integral part of the online payment world. However, receiving and sending them works in a different way than you are used to in everyday banking.

You have a lot more control. Both for managing and securing your bitcoins, you have to do it yourself. That’s why you need to make sure that you inform yourself about the use and security of your Bitcoin wallet before you make a casino deposit or payout, for example.

That’s one of the reasons it’s not yet a very popular payment method.


The Cubits Wallet offers you, as an online gambler, a safe and reliable environment to store your Bitcoins. But even more important to convert this virtual currency into real currency and make payments with it.

As a payment method for the igaming industry, Cubits does more than $20 million in transactions every day. In short, a major player in the casino industry as a safe means of payment.

They have contracts with large companies, among others. Rapid Transfer, Sofort, OK Pay, DotPay and SEPA. This allows them to guarantee speed and security.

So if you have bitcoins and want to convert them to make a deposit at a gambling site, you can do so with Cubits.


The EcoPayz payment method, gives online players a safe environment to make payments. EcoPayz uses the latest security and fraud protection technology.

So you can deposit and receive money from online casinos in a fast and safe way. Integrity and safety is EcoPayz’s top priority.

Personal and financial information will never be shared with other third parties, nor will you make a direct deposit at an online casino.

iDeal or iDeal by Skrill

The casino payment methods of iDeal or iDeal by Skrill are deposit options that are often used by players from the Netherlands. An iDeal transaction works the way you are used to with this payment method.

So very easy via your trusted internet banking environment. At the moment some casinos do not allow payment via iDeal, partly due to the current legislation. But via iDeal by Skrill.

This means that you can pay with iDeal but not directly at the casino. You first need to open a Skrill wallet, this can be done very fast in less than 3 minutes.

Next you can make a deposit with iDeal to Skrill, and from here to a gambling site of your choice. Very easy and fast.


The payment method Neteller is a widely used payment method by gamblers. At Neteller, you can create an account and then deposit money into your Neteller wallet using, for example, iDeal or a credit card.

The big advantage of this payment method is that if you play at multiple online casinos and make regular withdrawals, money will usually be visible immediately in your wallet.

This money can then be deposited very quickly at another online gambling site. And if you really want to see the money back in your bank account, you can easily withdraw it to your account.

At Neteller, it is even possible to withdraw the money with an ATM credit card, which is also useful for other internet purchases.


Paysafecard, one of the global leaders in online prepaid casino payment methods and part of the Paysafe Holdings UK Limited. With this payment method you can pay at thousands of online shops.

And without the need for further bank or credit card details. Everything is in your prepaid paysafecard wallet. This is a personal payment account, and with this payment account you also save loyalty points with which you can get discounts.

Buying a prepaid card is easy, buying a paysafecard by text message is done in no time. A paysafe app is also available, both for Android and Apple.