This variant of the casino welcome bonus has become an integral part of the online casino world. Since the rise of online casinos in the nineties, the no deposit bonus codes have become truly unprecedented in popularity. But is that still the case?

Free money without depositing money and keeping your winnings sounds fantastic of course. Let’s take a closer look at this form of casino bonuses to give you a better idea of the following questions.

How do these casino bonuses work

The principle of is simple. You get a bonus amount to start playing without making a deposit. Casinos usually make you an offer in the form of promotional codes.

Let’s take promotion of Bluefox casino for convenience. This casino uses a code (FREE5), for example, to give you 5 free spins on one of their slot machines. As you can see, this is a small bonus that you can bet on one of their slots. In addition, there are casinos that allow you to play other casino games such as roulette, blackjack after you have registered. In this case, you’ll receive an amount of €5, for example.

How much free money can I get?

Usually a no deposit bonus varies between €5 and €50, the latter in exceptional cases but they are there. Although you often have to search a bit longer for this.

And the bonus conditions are usually a little less favorable. Before you use them, read them carefully to avoid disappointment when you pay out winnings, for example.

Variations on this bonus

Nowadays there are also casinos that give away free spins instead of the traditional free money promotion. These free spins bonuses often range from 5 free spins to up to 150 free spins in exceptional cases.

These are often given to try out new slots games without playing with real money. And all the while you can win real money. If you want to claim a free spins promotion, the same rules apply as for free play money. So you always need to register a “real money account”.

Bonus conditions of this bonus

Earlier we indicated that before taking advantage of such a casino bonus, you should really read through the bonus terms carefully.

In many cases, you will not be able to pay out immediately in case of large winnings. There are usually “minimum playthrough requirements” attached to it. In layman’s terms, this is the minimum number of times the bonus amount received must be played around before it can be cashed out.

Most online casinos often have a number of bets between 15x and 50x wagering, the latter being an exception to the rule. If you receive such conditions, it is often not lucrative to use them.

The benefits of a bonus

There are plenty of advantages to a free play money promotion, we’ve just listed a few for you.

  • A no deposit bonus is always free. No strings attached and that’s absolutely true because you don’t have to deposit any real money. If a casino asks you to, we call it a deposit bonus or a deposit bonus and not a free money promotion.
  • If you have made a nice profit with your no deposit promotion then of course you want to have this money paid out. There are casinos that ask for a real money deposit which is quite normal. This is often just to verify your details. However, there will often be a minimum deposit of around €10 to pay out your money. But this varies from casino to casino, please read the terms and conditions.
  • A no deposit bonus gives you another important advantage. And that’s that you get a really free look at an online casino. This way you can experience the excitement and sensation that the online casino brings, without having to play with real money.

Without having to transfer real money you can still play with real money.

You don’t have to transfer your own money, and yet you’re playing with real money. There are no risks for you as a casino player. The risk of losing any real money lies entirely with the casino itself.

So much for the benefits of using free money. Surely we hear you say there are drawbacks as well. There are some, but they really don’t outweigh the advantages. We will of course explain them briefly.

The disadvantages of this bonus

One of the biggest drawbacks is that it is more difficult to unlock than a regular welcome bonus that is also offered by many casinos.

With such casino bonuses you need to deposit real money yourself in order to be able to play in the end. And often the conditions for actually paying out these welcome bonuses are less strict. Exceptions of course.

Bonus with a time limit

In the past there were also the free money bonuses that had a time limit. These are actually not used very much anymore but, they are still there for sure.

For example, you got €1000 free to play with. There was a time limit, you could usually gamble for two hours for free on the blackjack, roulette tables or different slot machines. The €1000 bonus disappeared after two hours and the winnings could be cashed out up to, for example, €200.