Free spins are a fun way to get acquainted with new online casinos. When you sign up as a new player at a casino you will be able to take advantage of a large number of bonuses.

Among them, of course, the most famous is the welcome bonus. This bonus has been extended over the years with free spins without depositing, for example. But you’ll also get it with your first deposit. Some people think this extension is an extra but for some it is a disadvantage. This depends entirely on what kind of player you are.

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Free spins casino overview: Top 10

Ready to try free spins? Take a look at our overview of free spins below. And choose the free bonus spins that suit you. This way, you’ll make your casino experience even more enjoyable than ever before.


Every casino wants you as a player take advantage of that

However, the popularity of this form of bonuses is evidenced by the amount of free spins handed out for free by online casinos. This is of course due to the enormous competition in the gambling market. Everyone wants you as a new player. And so they give away everything for free.

In short, a great advantage to win real money for free. Of course there is a disadvantage to all this free money, because nothing is really free. There are always certain bonus conditions that apply. Having said that, we’ll give you the best tip that you won’t find anywhere else, or that no other casino comparison will tell you.

Read the bonus terms and conditions before using free spins

There’s nothing so annoying that if you win a big prize, you won’t find out until you pay out that you can’t because you haven’t met the bonus conditions yet. We know better than anyone that if you want to take advantage of such a bonus. Of course, you can’t wait to start playing.

But believe us as experts in the industry, you will avoid a lot of annoyance if you take the time to read everything. Need more information about free spins? Do you want to know what types there are, bonus terms or read how to get any winnings paid out? Then feel free to read on.

What are the benefits of free spins?

The biggest advantage of this form of gifts is that they are for nothing. A short answer for a short question. So you don’t have to deposit money for them. They are free of charge as a welcome gift for your registration at the casino.

How do free spins actually work?
Free spins. Everybody knows them. If you play on a slot machine, these are the best bonus games you can get. They are also known as “free spins” in regular casinos but you can also get them online by playing slots. You can also get them if you make a first deposit, for example.

If you get a unique combination of usually three symbols on the slot machine. But these can also be fewer or more combinations. They will then be activated and you will receive the number of spins according to the slot machine paytable.

Sometimes this will be one but, if for illustration purposes the maximum achievable unique “spins” symbols appear on your slot machine then you can get up to 100 or in extreme cases as many as 500.

But in most cases you will get 10 to 20 spins on online slots. After the free spins have been played, the money won will be added to your account balance. This money can then be freely used to play another slot machine or game.

Free spins when you make a deposit

When you’re ready for the real thing. Then you open an account and you can transfer real money. Usually you will get spins on your first deposit. These are actually the most common variation you can expect when registering at a casino. And now which ones can you get even more, we’ll list them for you.

The different types of free spins

The line of real free spins that are really for nothing isn’t as big as you would think. Often you end up as a real bonus hunter cheated. Why will you think, first of all, you have to pay attention and be able to make a good distinction. Real free spins that you can claim right after you sign up are scarce.

But they are definitely there. What you need to do for this kind of free spins is the following; register an account, verify your data, and get free spins when you sign up. In short, a gift from the casino of your choice.

Free spins at registration

Finally, you have the free spins at registration which are linked to your first deposit. This is also called free spins with deposit. Maybe less interesting as a no deposit player. But mostly more lucrative than you might think at first.

In fact, these free spins don’t always apply only to your first deposit. There are casinos that also offer free spins on your second, and even third deposit. These, of course, only apply to slot machines.

Always read the applicable bonus conditions

Each bonus has its own specific bonus terms and conditions and that’s no different with this bonus. In short, before you start claiming your free spins at an online casino of your choice.

You’ll always need to go through some important details so that you can be sure that you won’t run into any annoying situations or disputes in the event of a withdrawal.

Of course, this isn’t the nicest job because you’re not waiting to read through those fine print looking for exceptions or exclusions that apply to this form of bonuses. Still, it’s important to do. Because that way you avoid disappointment.

We can’t emphasize it often enough. Read the bonus terms people, it’s still too common for players to face surprises afterwards, and that’s not fun for you in the first place, but it’s not fun for the casino either.

One consequence of this is that players who have not read the terms and conditions properly will complain that they are scammers and won’t pay out. The first purpose of this article is to inform you about the free spins out there.

In addition, it is an article to make you a lot more aware of the conditions on these bonuses. If you take this article to heart then you will be more and more concerned with the fun of playing at online casinos.

When can I cash out my winnings?

Once you have made a profit, you should really take a look at the wager requirements. Because if you don’t, you may not be able to pay out your winnings yet. As mentioned before, the wager requirements are the round play conditions, with the intention that they need to be played around a minimum number of times before you can pay out the money.

As an illustration, you win €5 on the slot machine Stardust with your free spins. While the rounds are 30x, you must first wager €5 x 30 = €150 before the money can be cashed out.

This seems huge but assuming you can spin about 12 free spins within a minute on an average slot machine. All in all, that equates to 720 spins within an hour. In short, before you know it, you’ll have your money free to pay out.

In particular, there are some who will pay out your winnings, but for this you will need to match the bonus free. Usually you will have to make a minimum deposit of, for example, €10. In conclusion, not a lot of money if, for example, you didn’t win €5 but €500.

Free spins only for slots or other games

Yes the spins only apply to online slots. In addition, these spins are often only valid on certain slot machines, or a selection of slots machines pre-determined by the casino. Moreover, the latter is more the rule than the exception.

If you’re specifically looking for spins for a particular slot machine, you’ve come to the right place. In our extensive casino reviews, as well as in our online casino news, you’ll find specific slots spins. For example SugarPop or Stardust, these are also some of the most popular slots games at the moment.

The validity of free spins is limited

Nevertheless, free spins are super to claim. In addition, they are not valid indefinitely. So you should check the validity of spins as soon as you get them.

In most cases, free spins have a maximum validity of 30 days. On the other hand, there are spins that are spread over several days, for example. These are the spins that are linked to your first deposit bonus.

Because they are spread over several days, you need to be there quickly. For example, if you sign up with LeoVegas you get a maximum of 300 spins but spread over 10 days, which means you get 30 free spins every day.

Free spins that you can only use on that specific one day. In short, you won’t be able to use your spins on that day, which is a pity, but unfortunately they will expire.