In a gray past we had to go to a live casino to play this casino game. Those who lived in the U.S. could go to Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Today, thanks to the internet, anyone can play an online casino visit.

In addition, you can also just play at home if you want to. Together with friends, the roulette rules remain the same. Apart from the rules for the french variant are something else. This is because there you play with a double zero. The bets are exactly the same and so are the outcomes.

A popular casino game

If this is your game, you’re in luck. Because the game is offered by a lot of online casinos. If you do not yet know how to play this game or how it works online, you should definitely continue reading. We have briefly explained the rules of the game for you.

In short, if you click on a game within a gambling site, you will be seated at a virtual roulette table. The table has numbers 1-36 and 0 and with the American variant also 00.

The numbers alternate between red and black. On the table there is also room for side bets and indications about the first, second or third half of the board, pair or no pair and red or black can be made. Because of the arrangement one can gamble on almost any set of numbers.

How to play the game

If you want to play roulette online it’s very easy. First of all, you just need to drag and drop the desired amount to the number or group of numbers on which you want to bet. Following these bets you can also gamble on two numbers by placing chips between them.

You can also bet on four numbers by placing chips in the middle of the four boxes or six numbers by placing chips between two numbers and on the edge, indicating the full line.

Then you spin the wheel and if your number, colour, type of number or group is played, you win! It’s as simple as that. Players are paid out according to the chance you have of winning numbers, without taking the 0 and 00 into account.

How do I bet and how do you win?

For example, if you gamble on a single number, the odds for this number with a total of 36 numbers on the wheel are 35 to 1. So you will receive 35 times the amount you wagered. Your real odds are slightly smaller because the wheel also has 0 or 00. If the ball lands on red, black, even or odd, you will also be paid out like this (0 and 00 have no color or type).

More about the game

Of course there is much more to tell about this casino game. How about the different betting methods you can use, from the zero game, large series, or small series to orphelins betting.

On top of that, there are also variations of the game that are played with more than one bullet. Recently there is even a new variant online, the so-called lightning roulette.

You read it enough variation in this area. We have selected the most reliable casinos for you where you can try all types and sizes of this beautiful game for free, but also for real money.