Switzerland: Casinos Will Soon Also Be Represented Online

The operators of casinos based in Switzerland have had a major problem so far: The competition from the Internet. With only few Klicks can be played in Casinos in the whole world and the way into the domestic gaming houses seems superfluous. Now there are however hopes for the Swiss Casinos, because in the future the plays are to be allowed to be offered also on-line.

Pokerturniere even outside the gaming houses certified

In total the developments can be summarized in the Swiss industry as opening. In future, casinos will be allowed to offer games on the Internet and will thus be able to defend themselves against foreign competition. It becomes uncommonly loose also for the Pokerspieler, which may play in the future even outside the gaming houses on smaller tournaments – even if only with permission.

Nevertheless this permission is not pushed many bars. Only a participant field must be specified, a public restaurant as meeting place serve and a cash maximum be specified. For players, this means enormously gratifying developments overall.