Thor The Mighty Avenger Slot: Playtech And The Powerful Marvel God

And again a cooperation with Marvel! Playtech can’t help it and we are thrilled anyway. The name says it all, “Thor The Mighty Avenger” is about the superhero aka Old Norse god Thor. With Marvel Thor is one of many superheroes. In the 2011 film, Chris Hemsworth makes his golden curls available to the role and breathes life into the Marvel character. So, the Thorshammer in the hand taken and on to Asgard, the home of the gods! Wins are waiting and we can’t wait to take a closer look at this ingenious slot machine.

Technical Features

Thor The Mighty Avenger has 5 reels and 30 paylines. It is one of the Marvel slot machines that Playtech has repeatedly developed. It’s about Thor, Odin’s son and heir to the throne of Asgard. Asgard is the Old Norse heaven of gods. Thor owns a magical hammer called “Mjölnir”, with which he fights everything that gets in his way. To emphasize are the great graphics of the game and the sound effects. Also the intro of the slot machine immediately creates the right mood and the player sees all the characters that appear in the slot machine, and therefore also in the movie. On the reels we see K, Q, J and numbers, Thor and all the side characters. The minimum bet is €0.30, but can be increased up to €600. The high stakes in this game can be worth it, because like all Playtech Marvel slot machines, it participates in the joint progressive jackpot. An extremely high winning amount beckons! The Wild symbol is Thor himself and the Scatter symbol is Thor’s Hammer Mjölnir. As soon as the player hits the scatter symbol, several free spins can be waved. For impatient players there is the option to select the fast play option to play at double speed. However, we recommend playing the normal fast option, it’s just too much fun! Thor is not only a god, but also a mobile one: the slot machine can also be played mobile.

bonuses and winnings

Thor swings his hammer and the player gets a not inconsiderable amount of features and bonuses. In Asgard mode, the symbols remain stuck on reels 2 and 4 and if a wild symbol appears on reel 2, the Thunderstorm Respin feature appears, where wild symbols appear on the reel and respin is guaranteed. This can earn the player a whole bunch of coins. Thanks Playtech!

When you have wild symbols on the fourth reel, you trigger the Lightning Free Spin feature. This means that Thor rewards you with two to five wild symbols on the reels with additional free spins. This already smells like winning!

A game mode is the Rainbow Bridge feature and is triggered when the player manages to pave the third reel with Heimall symbols. When this happens, another screen will appear where you can choose between two free spins.

The last game mode is Earth mode. In this mode you can get free spins until the Hemidall symbol appears on the middle reels.

As you can see, the player gets the bonuses in this slot almost thrown afterwards. We’re really excited and think it’s worth it. There is no strategy how to win the progressive jackpot, but the sum can be extremely high that you should definitely try your luck.