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Deposit And Withdrawal Facility On Gclub

by Axel Jade

If you are aware of the gclub slot site, then here in this article you will find more about their deposit and withdrawal facilities. You will also find the whole process of depositing money with them. Firstly, any person that is interested to create an account on gclub can go to their website directly. All the required information can be entered manually. You need to have a line id for creating an account. Because on that Id you will receive the code. Moreover, this Id will be used further for contacting the support staff in case of queries. You can add them using the line id they have provided on the site.

A direct phone number is also provided if you wish to call them directly. They will get all your issues resolved without flinching. They are available throughout the day for providing services to their customers. Once you have got the code and fulfilled the formalities, you can select the game from a plethora of options available like sports games, table games, fish games, animal slots, card games, and others.

Deposit Process

The money can be deposited into bank accounts- Thai Panich, Krungsri, Bangkok, Kasikorn at any time during the day. Once you deposit the money, you have to connect with the call center or through the line id with their staff and inform the same. They will ask you the following details:

  • Your user name and your registered mobile number.
  • The amount of money and the time when you did the bank transfer.
  • Their account name and bank name in which you made the transfer.
  • The method that you used for transferring the money. It can be internet banking, NEFT, ATM transactions.

Once you have informed them your job is done. The team will inform you after some time or, you will get the notification when the transaction is approved and, the balance gets credited to your account.

Withdrawal Process

Similar to the deposit process, their withdrawal process is also easy. First, you need to connect with the customer care staff through phone or line id and inform them that you want to withdraw money. Then their team will ask you the following questions:

  • Your user name and your registered mobile number.
  • The amount of money that you wish to withdraw.
  • Your bank account number, bank name, and account name.

After that, you need to wait, and within some time, the money will be deposited into your bank account. Either their team or the notification of credit will inform you about it.

Therefore, the entire deposit and withdrawal process of gclub is simple and convenient for everyone. In case you use the ATM method then you will have the deposit slip as evidence in case of need. The best part is their support team that ensures the whole process is carried out smoothly and no one faces any issues. You can use this site and be clear about their terms and the rules followed.

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