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Dragon and Egyptian themed slots

by Axel Jade

With so many themes that you can choose as you main slot deposit pulsa you might get confused not knowing which one to settle for.  But you can try out the Egyptian and dragon themed slots. What should you know about the?


Majority of the online slot developers utilize dragons which are similar to the studios in land based casinos with fruits and diamonds. The dragon appearance makes the players to feel powerful like a dragon. They are known to breathe fire, fly across the screen and a close-up of one of their eyes is normally an indicator of the status of a minus bonus or a feature.

If you are out there looking for a dragon theme that is fiery for your slot machine, then you should try out the following games:

  • The dragon spark
  • The dragon match mega ways
  • The dragon kingdom
  • The fire siege fortress

The software provider, the iSofbet released in 2019 the dragon match mega ways which combined the mighty dragon and the thousand ways of winning. Instead of having  five reel, the board gets cut to four in accommodating nice, even having to position the two spot reel on the top.

The matching symbols that are on the board pair what is on the bottom with what is on the top wild, and the two dragons half come together as one of the bonus trigger.

The Egyptian

Cleopatra seems to be all over when in the slot machine world. But the most part is that, her clothes remain on unlike with the Night in Cleo that you will get in the adult themed slot machine. Cleopatra is one of the many themed slot machines but there are others like the Pyramids, King Tut, and the hidden treasure, meaning, a casino can decide to completely be dedicated to the Egyptian themed slots.

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