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Games that can boost your income if you’re good at them

by Axel Jade

As a young adolescence, you probably wished you could make money with your hobbies. For most of us, a career as a professional sports player didn’t work out, and we end up with normal jobs and careers. Most people still carry their hobbies into adulthood and wonder if there is a way to make money with them from time to time. And to be quite frank, you can usually turn your hobby into a side hustle for a little bit of extra income. You just have to be creative. In this blog, we will look at your options if you are a video game enthusiast, and you are wondering if you could turn your hobby into a side hustle. Though, even if you have a different hobby, there are definitely some takeaways for you, as well!

Becoming a professional gamer

You have probably heard of professional gamers making tons of money. Now, this cannot be a real job thought, can it? Just think about it, it is very similar to being a professional sports player except, the sport is a game. But how do these professional gamers do it? Much like sports in the real world, there are tournaments where you can win money and even people betting on these tournaments on websites like Betfinal. These tournaments are being watched by a live audience from all over the world!

Selling a developed account or in game attributes

Video games like Minecraft and RuneScape are sandbox games. They represent a world where you start from scratch and design a life that you want to live. In these games, you can make money and gather supplies and attributes. Typically, these games host special events where you can earn special items. These limited and temporary items can become valuable over time. Additionally, if you have a well-developed account, you may be able to sell your account for a decent price. People are happy to pay, so they don’t need to start from scratch, as this is very time-consuming! 

Game testing

Before a game goes live, there is a lot of testing and developing involved. Game developers often pay people to test the game to see if everything runs smoothly, and if there are any bugs left in the game.

YouTube channel reviewing games and hardware

If you have a following on social media, or you enjoy reviewing games and gaming hardware, you can start a YouTube channel. Once you build a decent audience on YouTube, you can get paid by YouTube and earn ad revenue. Additionally, if you start standing out, there can be brands and games who are willing to send you their product to review, and you usually get to keep it.


There are two main platforms where gamers stream their games. These two platforms are YouTube and Twitch. Someone who streams their video games live, broadcasts themselves while playing their game. This way you have a live audience to the game. Oftentimes, the games add funny comments and the viewers can learn how others play the game. Income for a streamer is earned by sponsors, subscriptions, ad revenue and more.

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